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Best Family Vacations in the USA: 7 Top Most Destinations

By Jonathan

June 7, 2023

The Best family vacations in the USA must satisfy the needs of every family member. We encourage families to travel together more often because the best memories are created during vacations. Everyone gets to relax and rest from life’s pressures and demands.

We have compiled a list of perfect destinations to travel with your family.

These family vacation destinations are affordable while still offering the best. Most have access to amusement parks where kids can have fun.

Some places you must plan on visiting for a family vacation in the USA are as follows.

Destinations for the Best Family Vacations in the USA

Orlando in Florida

Disney World Parade in Orlando, Florida

Disney World Parade in Orlando, Florida

If you have never been to Orlando for a family vacation, you have not had fun. Orlando deserves the title 'best family vacations in the USA' since it offers something for everybody.

Commonly referred to as the World's Theme Park Capital, Orlando is the ultimate vacation destination for the whole family. From a trip to Disney Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Legoland Theme Park, and Sea World to the first-ever Peppa Pig Theme Park, you will all have fun goofing around.

You could also visit Disney's Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney to experience first-hand what you watch in movies and TV shows. Amidst all the excitement, set a day to explore Discovery Cove, a spectacular resort where you can experience aquatic life and animal encounters.

While the theme parks will get you engaged, do not forget to enjoy other indoor and outdoor activities, such as a ride on the Sky wheel and a visit to Ripley's Believe it or Not, where you will see the weirdest collections from different parts of the world.

Yosemite National Park in California

A lake at the base of the valley in Yosemite National Park

A lake at the base of the valley in Yosemite National Park

If a National Park is your idea of the best family vacations in the USA, Yosemite is where you must be. There is so much family-friendly adventure, ranging from the safe and mild hiking trails to the spectacular giant sequoias and seeing the native wildlife in their habitats.

The National Park and its environs offer a wide range of sleeping options, from the most exquisite hotels to tent and van camping grounds; you decide what will work for you as a family.

Make accommodation arrangements in advance because Yosemite National Park floods with people throughout the summer.

Navigating the Park is easy, even with toddlers, because the roads are accessible, meaning you can drive to the trailheads. The Park's management offers free bus tours around the valley. Kids love the thrill of going through the tunnel at the valley's entrance.

The tour guides and bus drivers have a way of making this drive fun and adventurous as the bus navigates the valley below. The beautiful sights of the Bridalveil Falls, the iconic half dome, and the gigantic El-Capitan are to live for.

Remember to pack your swimming costumes, as you can swim in the Merced River on the valley floor. The water levels can be high during summer, but with caution, you will enjoy the dip.

Acadia National Park in Maine

Rocky shores at Acadia National Park are an attraction for the whole family.

Rocky shores at Acadia National Park are an attraction for the whole family.

The Natural Beauty that is Acadia National Park is a family-friendly destination located on Mount Desert Island on the coast of Maine. So many activities here are suitable for the whole family, for both entertainment and learning.

The walking and hiking trails are kid-friendly; hence you can enjoy a brisk walk while playing truth or dare. You can get a beautiful night sky view from the Park at night. This is a spectacular attraction, especially to kids, since they can identify and learn more about the constellations.

The park rangers are always on-site to answer the many questions and satisfy the kids' curiosities. You could also take a relaxing drive around the Park Loop, which covers the coastline.

Acadia hosts incredible carriage trails with unique bridges crossing over them. You will either find a creek or a stream flowing beneath the bridges. These bridges have some historical significance, and chatting with the rangers will help you uncover this wealth of information.

Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin

Wilderness Resort's Glacier Canyon water park in Wisconsin Dells

Wilderness Resort's Glacier Canyon water park in Wisconsin Dells

While Orlando is the World’s Theme Park Capital, Wisconsin carries the title of the Water Park Capital. The largest waterpark in America –Noah's Ark, is found here. There is also the largest indoor waterpark – Kalahari resort, and the largest combination of indoor and outdoor waterparks –the wilderness resort.

Everything water in Wisconsin is massive; the water slides, tube slides, name them. You should be prepared for a splash or a slide wherever you go.

There are plenty of family-friendly camping grounds, hiking trails, and more water activities, including kayaking and Canoeing. You can plan for the 2-hours Upper Dells Boat tour and enjoy the breathtaking views along the Wisconsin River.

The experienced tour guides will generously share information on how the cliffs came about. You will stop over at Witches Gulch and Stand Rock. Here you can walk on the wooden boardwalk and visit the restrooms.

Maui in Hawaii

Snorkeling is a typical family activity in Maui, Hawaii

Snorkeling is a typical family activity in Maui, Hawaii

We cannot talk about vacations and fail to mention Hawaii; it is the epicenter of fun holidays for couples, families, and even cheap vacations. Family vacations slurp differently along the beach.

Everyone has something to do; kids can make sand castles while the teens take photos and do live shows for social media. Grownups, on the other hand, could be resting at the shores enjoying a variety of Hawaiian cocktails.

The Waikiki Beach welcomes you to its bustling shores, while the Wai’anapanapa State Park will astonish you with its specular black sand- a rare sight. There is also Lanikai Beach which is family-friendly since it has activities for all age groups.

You do not need to be a surfing expert to enjoy the water sport in Maui, as you will get trained on-site.

You can still do much more away from the beaches, including hiking to Manoa Falls or exploring the Bishop Museum, which offers interactive displays for kids.

Other activities that you can engage in as a family include riding horses and bikes, visiting the Honolulu Zoo, or experiencing the thrill of peeping down a volcanic crater at the Haleakala National Park.

There are amazing beachfront resorts where you can stay and enjoy the beautiful views and breeze from the Pacific every morning.

Williamsburg in Virginia

People walk or ride bikes at Domino Park in Williamsburg

People walk or ride bikes at Domino Park in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is the best place to visit on a family vacation because it offers great family activities all year round. Summertime is the season to enjoy all the thrilling adventures, such as water park activities, rollercoaster rides, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and treetop adventure challenges.

If your vacation plans coincide with Fall, you will join the rest of the locals and visitors in celebrating festivals such as beer fest (adults can enjoy a taste of the local brews), harvest dinners, and outdoor art festivals, among so many others.

 You will come across several parades along the streets, which you can join or watch from the sides.

The town lights up with merriness during the holiday seasons. The streets are all decorated, music coming from all corners, the windows lighting up with festive lights, Christmas trees glowing all over, and the food; everything will leave you mesmerized.

The mild climate here makes it the best holiday destination for families. You will find still waters that are safe to paddle with young kids. You can bring your canoes, but you can also rent them on-site.

Williamsburg is the best destination to teach your kids about American Colonial History. Plan to visit Domino Park along the East River for the best waterfront views. There is sufficient space for the kids to play and run around freely.

San Diego in California

Beautiful sunset view of San Diego

Beautiful sunset view of San Diego

The best family vacations in the USA happen along the beaches, and San Diego cannot be left out. Located on the Pacific Ocean's coastline, San Diego has the best family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities.

From enjoying the warm sandy beaches along Colorado Beach to snorkeling at La Jolla Cove, your teens, and young adults are well-covered. While taking photos for Instagram, they will also enjoy thrilling activities like scuba diving.

For the younger kids' sake, you can spend more time at Mission Bay Park, where the waters are shallow and calm.

Besides the beach experience, San Diego is also home to Balboa Park, which houses beautiful gardens, art exhibitions, museums, and the renowned San Diego Zoo. Spare some time and visit the Birch Aquarium and SeaWorld; this trip suits the whole family.

The New Children's Museum is the family vacation's highlight, where kids have unparalleled fun. Most hotels provide bikes and water sports gear for hire. Find out from your hotel before traveling, as this will reduce the luggage you need to carry on the vacation.


The best family vacations in the USA must be convenient for everyone, including toddlers. Set aside time and visit one or more of these fantastic destinations soon to enjoy some beautiful family moments. After your vacation, I look forward to reading about your experience in our comment section.

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