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8 Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023: You will Love #5

By Jonathan

May 24, 2023

Almost all tourist destinations fit in the Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023 category. A place qualifies to be called a romantic destination when it has an ambiance that shouts love and romance. You need such a break occasionally, just yourself and the special person in your life.

8 Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023

8 Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023

Whether you are newly married, celebrating an anniversary, or escaping life's bustles to rekindle love, you will be spoilt for choice. We also understand that fun is generic as it has different meanings to different people.

For some, the white sandy beaches best define romance, while a cabin in the woods surrounded by chirping birds does the magic for others. We have something for you, irrespective of your preference.

The Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023

Kauai in Hawaii

Beautiful blue waters at Kauai

Beautiful blue waters at Kauai

Kauai is an oasis of nature and one of the most underestimated romantic destinations in the USA. Locals refer to it as the Garden Island; before you go there, you might not comprehend the reason behind the name.

A hiking adventure in Kauai is a walk through paradise, and the feeling is even more heavenly when you tag your partner along on a romantic getaway.

Do not leave Kauai before visiting the Hanakaipai Falls and taking a walk on the rugged shores of the Na Pali Coast. You can engage in water sports or enjoy a breath of fresh air.

If you love rum, Koloa Rum Company is open for rum tasting and a journey through the production process. You could also sample fresh coffee at the Kauai Coffee Estate and buy some for use at home.

Glacier National Park in Montana

A boat ride with a view could be a good idea for a romantic getaway

A boat ride with a view could be a good idea for a romantic getaway

Whether you are looking for an activity-packed getaway or a place to relax and enjoy your partner's company, Glacier National Park got your back.

The outdoor activities here will keep your adrenaline levels on the higher side, but you could also opt for a leisure walk while enjoying the artistic scenery.

If you decide to visit the glacier national park for your romantic getaway, ensure you hop on a snowmobile. This allows you to journey to the top of the world with your sweetheart's arms tightly wrapped around you.

Ride to the top of the desert mountain and enjoy the views. It could also be the best opportunity to propose or make a special promise.

Other adventures at Glacier national park include skiing at the Whitefish Mountain Resort, Dog Sledding in Olney, Snowshoeing, Ice skating, or ice fishing. You could also enjoy watching a pond hockey tournament in winter.

Harpers Ferry in West Virginia

The history-rich Harper's Ferry town

The history-rich Harper's Ferry town

Harpers Ferry is your romantic destination if you both enjoy and appreciate history. This Historical National Park offers opportunities to explore the museums and exhibitions. Harpers Ferry is a monument that signifies the ancient struggle for freedom, civil rights, and education.

There are many Archaeological works that you can explore and get to understand the civil war and the events that transpired. You can always join a group or hire a ranger to take the two of you around while explaining the occurrences in detail.

Everyone has their idea of fun, and this might not sound like a romantic getaway to most people, but anyone who values history will have a different point of view. It will also help if both of you are on the same page.

Lana’i in Hawaii

The romantic Hulop’e beach in Lana’i

The romantic Hulop’e beach in Lana’i

You cannot talk about the best romantic destinations in the USA and not mention Lana’i, which oozes good vibes and perfect weather all year. The scenery here is heavenly, and the cuisines are out of this world.

The most attractive feature about Lana’i is the small population, which makes it even more ideal for a romantic getaway. Lovers value the privacy that makes them feel they are each other's worlds.

The resorts here are smaller but intimate, and you can tour the island on a scooter – just the two of you.

Plan on spending a day at the Hulop’e beach park, where there are high chances that it will just be the two of you or another one or two couples at most.

Charleston in South Carolina

Horse-drawn carriages are a common site in Charleston

Horse-drawn carriages are a common site in Charleston

Charleston will make you feel like you are part of the cast in a romantic movie. Everything from the magnificent antebellum houses to the cobblestone streets projects serenity.

You have the option of touring the city on a horse-drawn carriage and, later on, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the outdoor or indoor fine dining venues. The weather is friendly all year round; hence you can plan for outdoor activities.

To top up all this goodness, Charlton is a walking distance from some of the beautiful beaches in South Carolina, where you can enjoy some breeze, scrumptious seafood, and your choice of champagne as you toast to life and love.

Kauai in Hawaii

A spectacular view of a lighthouse in Honolulu

A spectacular view of a lighthouse in Honolulu

It is not a surprise that Hawaii is coming up again as a romantic getaway. We cannot continue without mentioning Honolulu since it is one of the most renowned romantic destinations in the US.

The many beachfront resorts will provide you with the ambiance and view to complete your experience of love. Everything from the relaxed mood to the soft sandy beaches screams romance. You could also be more adventurous and go scuba diving and snorkeling.

Cruise ships dock and leave every so often, and they, too, are a sight to behold. You could also enjoy a romantic dinner date on a yacht as you enjoy the fantastic Hawaiian cuisine.

Willamette Valley in Oregon

The neat vineyards of Willamette Valley

The neat vineyards of Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley is the base of more than 700 wineries and is where you must visit for a romantic getaway if you are a wine enthusiast. You will get to taste the finest wine directly from the source.

Besides the wine sampling experience, you can also visit the beautiful Silver Falls State Park. This is a chance to hike with your sweetheart as you enjoy the cool breeze and create unforgettable memories. The most scenic path is the trail of Ten Falls, which passes through a vast landscape of dense evergreens.

You can stay in one of the wine country resorts and enjoy the views of the vineyards. Remember to include a spa date in your itinerary; you could do with some pampering.

Savannah in Georgia

Trees and Spanish moss walkway in Savannah

Trees and Spanish moss walkway in Savannah

Savannah is a perfect romantic destination because of its natural Spanish moss draping, charming architecture, and outstanding squares. The historic city is home to beautiful mansions and ancient squares.

The ancient fountain at Forsyth Park is the perfect photo prop for honeymooners.

The ancient fountain at Forsyth Park is the perfect photo prop for honeymooners.

The evening ghost tours may sound unconventional for a romantic setup, but they will give you the chance to cling to your partner the whole time as you visit the haunted spots.

For a romantic dinner date, place reservations at The Olde Pink House, one of the restaurants that offer the best Southern Cuisine. You could also do cocktails at the bar downstairs before or after dinner.

As you walk and explore the city, you will come across joints where you can grab an alcoholic drink to sip as you enjoy the views.


You have just read 8 Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023. We hope you have enjoyed reading the information and that you are already packing your bags. You need to spend quality and quiet time with your partner; any of the destinations above could be your home for a few days.

Talk to us in the comment section and tell us the best romantic destination you have been to and where else you dream of going.

Please share this information with your circle of friends so that they can also enjoy a romantic getaway to these fantastic destinations.

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