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5 Best Cheap Vacations in the US: Everyone Deserves a Holiday

By Jonathan

May 30, 2023

While you can go on holiday to thousands of destinations, these 5 Best Cheap Vacations in the US should be on your list. Everyone, college students included, deserves to go on a vacation every once in a while.

5 Best Cheap Vacations in the US: Everyone Deserves a Holiday

5 Best Cheap Vacations in the US: Everyone Deserves a Holiday

Money should not be a hindrance since some destinations are super affordable. You need information on where to go, how to minimize spending on accommodation, and where to eat good food without breaking the bank.

To help you enjoy your cheap vacations, here are the 5 Best Cheap vacations in the US. There are many more, but we have picked the best for you.

List of 5 Best Cheap Vacations in the US

Myrtle Beach

The beautiful shores of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

The beautiful shores of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach one of the most beautiful US beaches on South Carolina’s Atlantic Coast is the first on our suggestion of the 5 best cheap destinations in the US. While Myrtle Beach has incredibly high-end places, most spots are free or affordable.

The beachfront, accessible at no cost, is an entertainment zone with live music and affordable restaurants where you can grab a snack, a meal, or a drink.

For the fun that it offers, Myrtle Beach is commonly referred to as the resort city. It is home to several amusement parks, the famous Ripley's Aquarium, and the Broadway Grand Prix. Look out for discounts and coupons, mostly on online ticketing platforms.

A sky wheel in Myrtle Beach

A sky wheel in Myrtle Beach

The highlight of your visit to Myrtle Beach is the art and gallery trail, the 60 miles trail made of more than 100 stops. The water sports are also a fantastic attraction since you can hire a jet ski and go on the 40-mile dolphin-watching excursion.

There are affordable boat rides, movie theatres, sightseeing and dinner cruises on the river boat, and cheap accommodation on bed and breakfast arrangements.


A beautiful view from Pikes Peak in Denver

A beautiful view from Pikes Peak in Denver

Denver is a mile-high city that offers you the chance to enjoy several free hiking and biking trails. Besides hiking and biking, you can move around the city on the MallRide service, which is free.

Public transportation is readily available, safe, and pocket friendly.

The cheapest accommodation option is in the hostels, where you can get a night's sleep for less than $19. The other option is shared furnished apartments which you can book as a group, or if traveling solo, you prepare to share space with new people for a few days.

Denver has several free tours for you to enjoy. The most common is the Coors Brewery tour. Museums tours are also an attraction, and most of them are either free or cheaply priced.  

City Park in Denver, Colorado

City Park in Denver, Colorado

Do not leave Denver without visiting the Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Tours around Denver are straightforward; hence you do not need a guide.

The Denver Beer Week is an event you must plan to attend if you want to enjoy your favorite beer at the source. Here you can experience different brews on the Denver Beer trail while learning about their origins.

You can book guided tours of the Coors Brewery and taste their prime beers for a small fee.

The Grand Canyon

A view of The Grand Canyon from the South Rim

A view of The Grand Canyon from the South Rim

The Grand Canyon is a favorite destination for many, hosting more than 4 million people annually. It qualifies for the 5 best cheap vacations in the US list as a free shuttle bus ferries visitors through the South Rim between March and September. Most attractions are on the South Rim.

Since you are traveling on a low budget, you can forget about the luxury of sleeping in hotels and resorts and instead go on a camping adventure. Due to the high altitude, winter visits can only be limited to viewing the beautiful landscape, but you will not manage to enjoy other activities such as hiking.

Hiking on the trails on the Grand Canyon

Hiking on the trails on the Grand Canyon

Summer is the peak season, and as expected, the demand for hotel rooms and, consequently, the prices are high. But this is also the most favorable season to camp, as you do not need to gamble with the weather.

The other hack for saving on accommodation is to book lodges out of the national park's vicinity as long you will not spend a whole day traveling to get there. You can book six months in advance to get the best rates.

Both the South and North Rims have a variety of eateries, ranging from fast food franchises to fine dining experiences. However, you can get picnic foodstuffs from the Canyon Village market at a lower cost than you would spend in restaurants.

Watching the beautiful sunset is free, and so is hiking. You can enjoy a wonderful experience without spending beyond your budget.


Camelback Mountain, Phoenix on the horizon

Camelback Mountain, Phoenix on the horizon

If you have never vacationed in Phoenix, you better start planning for it because you will not believe the low cost of the vacation. It is an ideal cheap location for a romantic getaway.

One of the attractive places to visit is Camelback Mountain, a popular destination that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Here you can go hiking and biking if you prefer an activity-packed vacation.

You cannot exhaust Phoenix’s goodness in one visit, and even when you do, you may need to revisit some places and experience the goodness one more time. The unique city's architecture is the first attraction you will encounter.

While Phoenix is home to the most opulent resorts, you can still enjoy the city’s goodness on your budget. You can take advantage of the favorable weather and go for a hike. Affordable food is available all over the city on food trucks and farmer's markets.

Beautiful art in Downtown Phoenix

Beautiful art in Downtown Phoenix

The city walls are adorned with artistic murals; hence you must not go to an actual exhibition to enjoy beautiful art. People flock here in winter because of the lovely weather, but you can enjoy your vacation any time.

Be on the lookout for any hotel and resort offers, especially during off-peak season, as you may be lucky to spend your vacation in an affluent resort at affordable rates.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Florida

Daytona Beach in Florida

Daytona Beach is full of activities that will not dent your pocket. Free entertainment is everywhere, and those not free are super affordable.

One of the must-visit places is the Angell and Phelps Chocolate factory, where you get free entrance and a free tasting sample of chocolate. You will find unique tastes in different types of confectionery treats that you can also buy to eat later.

The other exciting yet free tour you must enjoy at Daytona is the Casement, the former winter home to John D. Rockefeller, which was converted into a cultural center and museum. They offer free tours of the period rooms.

The North Peninsula State recreation area is open daily and offers free admission. The park is made of a two miles stretch of sandy beaches where you will witness the Palmetto dunes, sea turtles, and surf fishing activities.

Tourists enjoying a sunny day on the beach

Tourists enjoying a sunny day on the beach

Daytona Beach has so much to offer as long as you can get accommodation. To get an affordable rental, stay away from properties near the beach. You can move around using public transport, which is also reasonably priced.


These 5 Best Cheap Vacations in the US have made you realize you do not need millions of money to afford a good holiday. It is clear that the most significant budget allocation is on accommodation, and depending on the destination you settle on, you can always find a way around this.

There is the camping option, shared hostels, shared apartments, or you could be lucky to have a friend or relative accommodate you in the city.

As you enjoy your vacation, please take photos of all the places you visit, as long as it is not a restricted zone. You can then post them on Instagram on different dates to look like you are always on vacation. I know you will appreciate this tip.

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