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9 Best Hikes in Chiapas, Mexico: #5 is the most Adventurous

By Jonathan

June 20, 2023

For unforgettable adventures, consider visiting one of the best hikes in Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas is a hub for hikers, as it presents some of the easiest hikes and the most difficult trails. The flora here is indigenous, and the people are welcoming. 

Chiapas is home to natural wonders, and while the economic living standards are low, the city is rich in beautiful destinations and diversity. The people are a bit aloof, and you may need the help of Google Translate to communicate and even read the menus in their restaurants.

While planning your adventure trip to Chiapas, Mexico, here are some places to consider hiking.

The Best Hikes in Chiapas Mexico

Cascadas El Chiflon Nortre

Crystal Rivers traversing Chiapas, Mexico

Crystal Rivers traversing Chiapas, Mexico

This is one of the best hikes in Chiapas, Mexico, partly because of its moderate difficulty level. Cascadas El Chiflon Nortre is located on the Eastern side of San Vicente le Mesilla. You will know you are closing in on the trail when you come across a signpost indicating the track is off Highway 226.

The trail is 2.7 miles, and you will take around 1 hour 55 min to complete, walking at a standard speed. The elevation is also moderate going to approximately 975 feet.

As you hike on this trail, you will have the most beautiful view of the jungles, as Chiapas is home to exotic forest features, including a magnificent waterfall.

As you plan your hiking itinerary in Chiapas, consider Cascadas El Chiflon Nortre at the top of your priority list, and you will not regret the trip.

Cochi Lake via the Encuentro Park

Clear and reflective waters of Cochi Lake

Clear and reflective waters of Cochi Lake

This trail is short but scenic and terminates at the beautiful Cochi Lake. You will hike through the forest, with an elevation gain of 23 ft and a loss of 390 ft. This means you will mostly be going downhill, making the trail one of the easiest you will come across in Chiapas.

At the end of the hike, you will have covered around 1.5 miles, which should take approximately 35 minutes to complete.

The fact that this trail is easy means you can bring your whole family to the hike, including dogs. The trail is one way, and you should expect to meet many people going in either direction.

Therefore if you bring your dog along, keep it leashed to prevent it from running off and scaring other hikers.

Jungle Hike in Lacadona

The beautiful biodiversity in Lacadona Jungle

The beautiful biodiversity in Lacadona Jungle

This Jungle hike is moderately difficult and relatively long, covering a one-way distance of 4.9 miles. The elevation gain and loss are 200 ft., making the trail uphill.

Going at an average speed, you should complete the trail in around 4 hours, considering you will be making stops to enjoy the views and take some photos along the way.

You can get a guide, but if you love adventure, you could opt to find your way around the jungle. The main challenge is that the trail is not very well marked, but again, the routes are relatively obvious.

Along the way, you will come across some ruins where you can climb up for a better view of the jungle. You will also find a magnificent waterfall where you can dip to get rid of the heat and sweat before getting on with the journey. The unique biodiversity in the jungle makes the trip worthwhile.

Remember to leave some eco-friendly markings behind to enable more hikers to find their way around independently.

City Walk San Cristobal

Ancient Buildings at San Cristobal city

Ancient Buildings at San Cristobal city

This is an unconventional hike in Chiapas because it involves touring the whole of Sab Cristobal City. There is no specific trail since you could use any street to connect to your area of interest.

The complete hike through the city is of moderate difficulty and covers a distance of about 5.2 miles. However, this distance will vary if you meander further into the streets. Irrespective of the path you decide to take, you should be done in approximately 3 hours.

San Cristobal is an architectural haven with many ancient churches and an extensive marketplace.

This walk differs from your everyday stroll around town because of the steep climbs you will encounter. The whole place resembles a checkerboard, and the many parks, buildings, and churches spice up the walk.

The first steep climb up a flight of stairs will wear you out, but the view from the top will help you forget the effort. The market area is crowded; if you do not appreciate being around thousands of strangers, this is a place to avoid.

You can go around the market building and continue with the walk without going in.

Volcan Tacana

The trail leading to Volcan Tacana is accessible by vehicles

The trail leading to Volcan Tacana is accessible by vehicles

As the name suggests, Volcan Tacana is a volcanic mountain at the border of Mexico and Guatemala. The Mexican side is the most scenic and easily accessible by hikers.

The hike is long and difficult because of the steep climb and the distance. Remember, you will be going up the second-highest mountain in Central America. It takes approximately two days to complete, with camping being the main accommodation option.

At the top, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful forests and the nearby cities. This is one of the most exciting hikes you can enjoy in Chiapas, Mexico, especially if you appreciate the adventure.

The Volcan Tacana qualifies Chiapas, Mexico, to the list of top destinations that you must visit in your lifetime.

Sumidero Canyon National Park

A river traversing through Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas, Mexico

A river traversing through Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas, Mexico

You will have a blast here if you have hiked at the Grand Canyon. The beautiful Canyon is a worthy competitor to the Grand Canyon, with the highest walls around one kilometer.

The rivers that traverse at the bottom are home to crocodiles, while you should expect to encounter spider monkeys and different bird species.

While some visitors prefer touring the Canyon on a boat or driving to the viewpoints, hikers have the unique privilege of interacting more with nature. You could also challenge yourself to rock climbing or, better still, mountain biking.

The best way to enjoy the hiking adventure is by engaging a tour company that will provide you with a detailed guide to the Canyon. The guide will ensure you do not miss any interesting features while remaining on the safe trails.

Arco Del Tiempo

The journey to Arco Del Tiempo is not easy but is worth the trouble

The journey to Arco Del Tiempo is not easy but is worth the trouble

Loosely translated to ‘The Time Arch,’ the phenomenal Arco Del Tiempo can best be accessed while hiking. This is the tallest natural arch in the world, located deep in the Mexican Jungle. When visiting Mexico, ensure you get to this place to appreciate the natural artistic scenery.

However, it is not commonplace with tourists because of the effort required to get to it. The hike takes approximately four hours, and you must have a guide. The terrain is quite rugged, and the thick forest cover can make you change your mind.

The ultimate adventure is camping under the arch overnight, though you can still return if you start trekking in the early morning. Because of the difficulty level, you will only come across a few other determined hikers.

Arcotete Parque Ecoturistico (Arcotete Ecotourism Park)

The caves are creepy but also the epitome of adventure

The caves are creepy but also the epitome of adventure

This hiking trail is a moderately long, one-way track approximately 20 minutes from San Cristobal in Chiapas. Regular hiking back and forth could take around 1h 40min, but there is so much to explore, and you may need to set aside more time.

While hiking on this fantastic trail, you can explore the creepy El Dragon caves, which feature a freshwater river running through it and a limestone arch at the entrance. The caves are dark and slippery; you must have the right shoes and a flashlight.

The park's management levies a small fee if you intend to enter the caves. You should also be aware of many bats living in the caves. You must be extra careful and avoid entering the caves during the rainy season as the river can easily overflow.


Dog owners appreciate pet-friendly hiking trails.

Dog owners appreciate pet-friendly hiking trails.

Montetik is the other hiking gem near San Cristobal city in Chiapas. This moderately difficult trail takes an average hiker approximately two hours to complete.

Montetik is friendly to both hikers and mountain bikers. Dogs are also welcome here since there are zones where off-leash pets are allowed.

Monetik is an ecological park whose primary business is to preserve the original ecosystem as much as possible. You will come across indigenous trees that are several decades old, among other unique flora. The management charges a small fee to access the park, but it is still affordable and worth the cost.


You need to set aside enough time to enjoy the Best Hikes in Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas has over 100 amazing hiking trails, each offering a unique experience. We have, however, filtered the top most and most adventurous options that should be on top of your priority list.

As you pack your bags and hiking boots, share our content with your friends so they can join us on this adventurous journey. We would also like to hear from you; tell us about your experience hiking in Chiapas if you have been there.

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